The Complete Catalogue of the Ford Escort Mk3, Mk4, Mk5 & Mk6



By Dan Williamson

ISBN 978-1-906133-88-7

360 pages, Hardback

270 x 210mm

Over 600 photos

"...never have the later Escorts been covered in so much detail..." Classic Ford

"...incredible and accurate detail for Escorts built between 1980 through to 2000; including everything from vans to World Rally Cars." Fast Ford 

• Covers every variant of the Mk3, Mk4, Mk5 & Mk6 Ford Escort
• Hatchbacks, estates, vans, pick ups and Orion saloons
• Prototypes, conversions and special editions
• Includes Escorts built in Europe, South Africa, USA, South America, Australia and China

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Can any other car match the Ford Escort’s credentials? Not only is it one of the world’s best-selling vehicles – around one million were produced – but it also achieved that figure in a shorter time than all of its rivals. None of those cars come close to the Escort’s outstanding success in motorsport, and few approach the Ford’s everlasting appeal.

The Ford Escort began as a small car in 1967, with conventional three-box saloon and rear-wheel-drive layout; those now-legendary machines were reviewed in The Complete Catalogue of the Ford Escort Mk1 & Mk2.

But it was with the all-new front-wheel-drive hatchback of 1980 that the Escort took over the world, dominating markets in many European countries, the USA and South America.

There were Escort vans, Escort estates and, before long, a four-door Ford Orion saloon. And, of course, there were the sporty specials that make the Escort such an everyday hero: the XR3, RS1600i, Cabriolet, RS Turbo and RS1700T.

Another new Escort arrived in 1990 but it was panned by the press. Yet the public was undeterred, and the now medium-sized Ford’s sales continued, buoyed by faster Ford superstars such as the RS2000, RS Cosworth and Escort WRC.

Each of those cars is detailed here in this, The Complete Catalogue of the Ford Escort Mk3, Mk4, Mk5 & Mk6, where humdrum hatchbacks and Fords we’d rather forget rub shoulders with world-beating legends.


Mk3 – Full Frontal....10

Mk4 – Smooth Operator....86

Mk5 – Fifth Element....176

Mk6 – Final Flourish....276

The North American Escort – American Trilogy....328

The Chinese Escort – Eastern Promise....348

Appendix: Escort Engines....352

Cars featured include:

Ford Escort Mk 3
Escort Saloon/Base (1980-86)
Escort Disabled Driver’s Car (1983-86)
Escort Popular (1984-86)
Escort L (1980-86)
Escort Laser (1984-85)
Escort Laser II (1985-86)
Escort GL (1980-86)
Escort Ghia (1980-86)
Escort Estate (1980-86)
Escort XR3 (1980-82)
Escort XR3 Turbo (1982-84)
Escort XR3i (1982-86)
Escort RS1600i (1982-83)
Escort Motorsport RS1600i
Escort RS Turbo (1984-85)
Escort Motorsport RS Turbo
Escort RS1700T (1980-83)
Escort Cabriolet (1983-86)
Escort Cabriolet Special Edition (1985)
Escort Van (1981-86)
Escort XRV (1981)
Escort Chairman (1984-86)
Escort Genesis
Escort Ghia Avant Garde (1981)
Janspeed Escort
UBM Escort XR300T
WM Developments Escort XR3
Turbo Technics Escort
Escort Mulliner 1.6
Escort Super Speed
Orion L (1984-86)
Orion GL (1984-86)
Orion Ghia (1983-86)
Orion Ghia Injection (1983-86)
Escort LX (1983-86, Northern Europe)
Escort XL (Austria)
Escort Laser Diesel (1985-86, Netherlands)
Escort Bravo (1981-82)
Escort D Touring (1985, France)
Escort Bantam (1983-86, South Africa)
Escort XR3 Perana (South Africa)
Escort ADJO XR3 (South Africa)
Steyns Escort Turbo (South Africa)
Steyns Escort Cobra (South Africa)
Escort XR3 Laser (Brazil)
Escort XR3 Pace Car (Brazil)

Ford Escort Mk4
Escort Popular (1986-1990)
Escort Designer (1989)
Escort Bonus (1988-1990)
Escort Popular Plus (1989-1990)
Escort L (1986-1990)
Escort Bravo (1987)
Escort Cosmopolitan (1988)
Escort Eclipse (1990)
Escort LX (1987-1990)
Escort DX (1989-1990)
Escort GL (1986-1990)
Escort GL Plus (1987-1988)
Escort Ghia (1986-1990)
Escort Firefly (1988)
Escort Sport (1989-1990)
Escort Estate (1986-1990)
Escort XR3i (1986-1990)
Escort RS Turbo (1986-1990)
Escort XR3i/RS Turbo 4x4 (1986-1987)
Escort RS1900 (1988-1989)
Escort XR3i TT
Escort RS Cosworth Prototype (1988)
Escort Cabriolet (1986-1990)
Escort XR3i Cabriolet Special Edition (Tu-Tone) (1987-1988)
Escort XR3i Cabriolet All-White (1988-1989)
Escort Tennis (1989)
Escort XR3i Cabriolet Special Edition (Monotone) (1988-89)
Escort XR3i Cabriolet Two-Tone (1989-90)
Escort XR3I Cabriolet All-Blue (1990)
Escort Van (1986-1990)
Escort Laser Van (1987-1988)
Escort Bonus Van (1989-1990)
Escort Combi (1986-1990)
Escort Comnbi Bonus Van (1990)
Chairman Escort (1986-1990)
Orion L (1986-90)
Orion Biscayne (1987)
Orion Classic (1989)
Orion DX (1989-1990)
Orion Equipe (1990)
Orion LX (1987-1990)
Orion GL (1986-90)
Orion GL Plus (1987-1988)
Orion GLS (1989-1990)
Orion Ghia (1986-1990)
Orion Ghia Injection (1986-1990)
Orion 1600E (1988-1989)
Escort Plus (1989, Germany)
Escort/Orion Economy (1988, Germany)
Escort Bravo (1987, Germany)
Escort Bravo 88 (1987-88, Germany)
Escort Manhattan (1987-1989, France)
Escort Madison (1989, France)
Escort Bolero (1989, Germany)
Escort Grand Luxe (1989, Germany)
Escort Laser (1989, Europe)
V Eurostar (1989, Benelux)
Escort Holiday (1990, European)
Escort Family (Germany)
Escort Disabled Vehicle (Germany)
Escort Avus (Germany)
Escort GT (1989-90, Holland)
Escort Flair (1989-90, Germany)
Escort Reprise (1989-90, Spain)
Escort Star Cup (France)
Escort RS Star Cup (France)
Escort XR3i CHALLENGE CUP (1988, Germany)
Escort XR3i CABRIOLET RECARO (1988-1989, Germany)
Escort XR3i Cabriolet Special (Germany, Sweden)
Escort XR3i Cabriolet BB (1989, Germany)
Escort Cabriolet Unitone (1989, France)
Escort XR3i Cabriolet Highlight (1990, Germany)
Escort Express (Germany)
Escort Express Laser (1987-88, Germany)
Escort Pick Up (Benelux)
Escort Koerier (Holland)
Escort Van Bonus(Belgium)
Escort Van Elite (France)
Orion Bravo/Bravo 88 (1987-88, Germany)
Orion Laser (1989, Germany)
Orion Bolero/Premiere (1989, Europe)
Orion Grand Luxe (1990, Europe)
Orion Ghia Executive (1990, Europe)
Ford Verona/VW Apollo (1989-92, Brazil)

Escort Mk5
Escort Popular (1990-91)
Escort Fresco (1991)
Escort Base (1991-94)
Escort Harrier (1992)
Escort Bonus (1992)
Escort Carnival/Duet (1993)
Escort Azura (1994)
Escort L (1991-94)
Escort DL (1993)
Escort Encore (1991)
Escort Fresco 2 (1991)
Escort Mistral (1994)
Escort Sapphire (1994)
Escort Equipe (1994)
Escort Harrier (1994)
Escort Elegance/Cayman (1994)
Escort Elegance II (1994)
Escort Enigma (1994)
Escort LX (1990-94)
Escort Quartz (1991)
Escort Quartz II (1991)
Escort TDX (1993)
Escort GLX (1990-91)
Escort Ghia (1990-94)
Escort Ghia Si (1993-94)
Escort Estate (1990-94)
Escort S (1991)
Escort Si Estate (1993-94)
Escort Si (1994)
Escort XR3i (1992-94)
Escort RS2000 (1992-94)
Escort RS2000 4x4 (1994)
Escort Motorsport RS2000 (1992-94)
Escort RS2000 BBR Turbo
Escort RS Cosworth (1992-96)
Escort RS Cosworth Biasion (1992)
Escort RS Cosworth Acropolis (1993)
Escort RS Cosworth Monte Carlo Prototype (1993)
Escort RS Cosworth Monte Carlo/Motorsport/Martini (1994)
Escort RS Cosworth Arrows F1 (1994)
Escort RS2000/RS Cosworth RWD Prototype (1993-194)
Escort RS Cosworth Estate Concept
Escort RS Cosworth Mexico Concept
Escort Motorsport RS Cosworth
Escort RS Cosworth Wolf
Escort Cabriolet (1990-92)
Escort XR3i Cabriolet (1992-93)
Escort Cabriolet Dash (1992)
Escort Si Cabriolet (1993-94)
Escort Silhouette Cabriolet (1993)
Escort Mistral Cabriolet (1993-94)
Escort Solar Cabriolet (1994)
Escort Van (1991-94)
Escort Custom Van (1992)
Escort Bonus II Van (1992)
Escort Ecostar van (1992-94)
Escort Chairman (1991-94)
Orion DL (1992-93)
Orion LX (1990-93)
Orion Quartz (1991)
Orion Quartz II (1991)
Orion Encore (1991)
Orion Equipe (1993)
Orion GLX (1990-91)
Orion Ghia (1990-93)
Orion Ghia Injection (1990-91)
Orion Ghia Si (1992-93)
Escort Light (1991, Europe)
Escort Formula S (1991, France, Netherlands)
Escort Celebration (1991 Germany)
Escort Beverley (1991, France, Netherlands)
Escort Riche (1992, Netherlands)
Escort Flair (1993, Germany
Escort Formula S (1993, France)
Escort Fun (1994, Germany)
Escort Turnier Trophy (1993, Germany)
Escort Saphir (1994, Germany)
Escort Bravo (1994, Germany)
Escort Family (1994, Germany)
Escort Provence (1993, Netherlands)
Escort Phantom (1993, Netherlands)
Escort GT (1994, France, Netherlands)
Escort Sport/Sport GT (1994, France)
Escort XR3i Cabrio Special Edition (1992, Germany)
Escort Cabrio Michael Schumacher Edition (1993-94, Germany)
Escort Cabrio Luxury (1993, Germany)
Escort Ghia Seeka (1990)
Escort Ghia Focus (1992)
Escort Electric Hybrid Vehicle (1993)
Escort 75 Special Edition (Brazil)
Escort Verona (1992-96, Brazil)
Volkswagen Pointer (1994-96, Brazil)
Volkswagen Lotus (1993-97, Brazil)

Escort Mk6
Escort Encore (1995-99)
Escort Silhouette (1997)
Escort L (1995-97)
Escort Acapulco (1995)
Escort Mexico (1995)
Escort Cabaret (1995)
Escort Freedom (1996)
Escort Masquerade (1996)
Escort Serenade (1996)
Escort CL (1997-99)
Escort Chicane (1997)
Escort Flight (1997)
Escort LX (1995-99)
Escort GTI (1995)
Escort Finesse (1995)
Escort Finesse (1998)
Escort Flight (1999-2000)
Escort Finesse (1999-2000)
Escort Si (1995-99)
Escort GTi (1997-99)
Escort Ghia (1995-99)
Escort Ghia X (1996-99)
Escort Estate (1995-2000)
Escort Cabriolet (1995-98)
Escort Si Cabriolet (1995-96)
Escort Calypso Cabriolet (1995-98)
Escort Ghia Cabriolet (1996-98)
Escort RS2000 (1995-1996)
Escort RS2000 Kit Car/Maxi (1995-1997)
Escort World Rally Car (1997-98)
Escort Van (1995-2002)
Escort 55 Plus Van (1995-96)
Escort Flair Diesel Cabriolet (1995, Europe)
Escort Cabriolet Ghia Edition (1996, Germany)
Escort Cabriolet Pacific (1995-96, Europe)
Escort Champ (1996, Germany)
Escort RS2000 F1 Edition HH Frentzen (1995-96, Germany
Escort RS Sauber (Switzerland)
Escort Formule 1 Edition (1997, Holland)
Escort Contour (1996, France)
Escort Newport (1996, Switzerland)
Escort Falcon (1996, Switzerland)
Escort Azur (1996, Switzerland)
Escort Clipper Van/Wagon Van (Holland)

US Escorts
Escort L
Escort GL
Escort GLX
Escort SS
Escort GT
Escort LX
Escort Turbo GT
Mercury Lynx
Mercury Lynx GL
Mercury Lynx GS
Mercury Lynx LS
Mercury Lynx RS
Mercury Lynx XR3
Mercury Linxt RS Turbo
Ford EXP
Mercury LN7
Mercury Tracer

Ford Escorts have been a fixture in Dan Williamson’s life for longer than he remembers. Early childhood spent sliding across the seats of his dad’s GT-engined Mk1 instilled an anorak-level addiction to fast Fords. Like most Escort enthusiasts, his condition is incurable.
Dan was given his first car aged 15, a 1972 Mk1 that’s perhaps best described as a long-term project. It currently shares garage space with a ’71 Mexico, a 1600 Sport and a variety of other Fords, from modern STs to a pair of RS Cosworths.
Dan trained as a newspaper reporter before becoming a motoring journalist in 1997, working for the UK’s leading automotive publishers – a role that involved driving (and owning) many of the models in this book. Today he’s a freelance editor and contributor to a variety of magazines, including Fast Ford and Classic Ford.
Dan lives in rural Lincolnshire, where he dreams about discovering a barn-stored RS1800. Don’t we all…


The Complete Catalogue of the Ford Escort Mk3, Mk4, Mk5 & Mk6

Bought for my husband who's very pleased with it.


The Complete Catalogue of the Ford Escort Mk3, Mk4, Mk5 & Mk6

Bought for my husband who's very pleased with it.