Original Mini Cooper



By John Parnell

Hardback, 120 pages

295 x 225mm

ISBN 978-1-906133-19-1

200 colour photographs

"The detail of original specification in this full-colour book is mind boggling" Classic Cars

Has any other British car ever equalled the cult status achieved by the Mini, particularly the desirable Cooper and Cooper S versions built from 1961 to 1971? The forerunners of today’s breed of ‘hot hatchbacks’, the Mini Coopers established a fanatical following in their day thanks to their unique combination of performance, practicality and charm, as well as their outstanding competition pedigree. Brilliant handling, lively acceleration and precise steering make them a joy to drive, despite the famous drawbacks of an arthritic ride and uncomfortable seats.

Original Mini Cooper is the essential companion to these cars. Its aim is to reveal, in words and colour photographs, how all Cooper and Cooper S models – from early 997cc Mkl to late 1275cc Mklll – altered in detail through the course of production. Although one Mini Cooper may look much like another to the untrained eye, an amazing number of specification changes, major and minor, occurred over the years.

The completely original specification which the most discerning enthusiasts now demand is an elusive quality with these cars, for the world of Mini Coopers abounds with hybrids and fakes. But help is at hand for all owners, restorers and enthusiasts. Drawing from factory production records, parts lists and catalogues, as well as the accumulated knowledge of respected restorers and dedicated enthusiasts, this book provides the most comprehensive survey of the Mini Cooper ever published. Exhaustive research by the author, John Parnell, has resulted in this important book containing a wealth of new information.

Accompanying the authoritative text are over 200 specially commissioned colour photographs showing every permutation of Mini Cooper specification in remarkable detail. Painstaking selection of cars of the highest quality and authenticity ensures that the photographs in this book provide a valuable reference source.

Original Mini Cooper also has worldwide appeal. As well as covering export versions of the UK-built cars, the text explores the minutiae of cars built under licence outside the UK. The Innocenti Coopers are described in detail, and the Spanish-built Authis and Australian Coopers have not been forgotten. In addition, a chapter about the later Rover Coopers completes the story.

The definitive guide to one of Britain’s best-loved classic cars, Original Mini Cooper is indispensable for all owners, restorers, buyers and enthusiasts.

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