The Tractors in my Life



By Michael Thorne

ISBN 978-1-914929-04-5

152 pages, Hardback

270mm x 210mm

Over 180 illustrations

Mike Thorne, well known tractor collector and author of respected books on Ferguson and Massey Ferguson, tells the story of his life and the many tractors that have played a part in it.

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Mike Thorne is a name known to many, many tractor enthusiasts, and particularly those whose primary interest is in Ferguson and Massey Ferguson models, as Mike has assembled an almost unrivalled colleciion of the tractors of both marques. But before he decided to go down that route, he had been collecting tractors since the 1980s –  machines of many makes, models and vintages, some in good order, others wanting substantial work.

In his time he has acquired no less than 100 examples, and in this book he takes the reader through them all, with individual entries on every one – though he admits there are some that he has forgotten. So the reader will be treated to observations on a very wide range of tractors, large or small, rare or common, good or less good, with information on where he bought them, on problems, repair and restoration, and on the machines’ characteristics and specifications.    

Mike designed and constructed two fascinating buildings to house his collection at Coldridge in deepest mid-Devon and these form his museum, which can be visited by appointment and offers enthusiasts a real treat.

Telling one man’s story of half a lifetime of rescuing half-dead tractors and collecting live ones, this book, written in an informal style, should capture the attention of anyone who cares about vintage tractors.

With over 180 pictures in colour and black-and-white.


Introduction     6
The Autobiographical Bit    8
The Coldridge Collection    32
Biographies    145

Tractors featured include:

The Coldridge Collection
No. 1, Ferguson TE.D20
1950, Serial No. 124514

No. 2, 1949 Allis-Chalmers Model B
TVO, British-built example, Now sold

No. 3 International F20
Circa 1937, SoldN

No. 4, Ferguson TE. A20
1948, Serial No. 57082, Registration No. KTT 82

No. 5, Field Marshall Series III
1951, Contractor’s model. Sold

No. 6, Fordson Standard Row Crop Model
1938, Sold

No. 7 Ferguson Brown Model A
1936, Sold

No. 8, Porshe Junior 1960, Sold

No. 9 Turner Yeoman of England
1953, Diesel Registration PAF 425, Sold

No. 10 John Deere Model B
1941 styled, Two-cylinder petrol, Sold

No. 11 Bristol Crawler
1948, Two-cylinder petrol, Sold

No. 12 Oak Tree Appliances (OTA)
1950, Tricycle Model, Sold

No. 13 Ransome Crawler MG2
1938, Sold

No. 14, Porsche Standard Star
1962, Sold

No. 15, Caterpillar R2
1944, Sold

No. 16, Ferguson FE35
1957, Serial No. SDF 52778, Registration No. YRL 668

No. 18, Opperman Motocart
Circa 1949

No. 21, 1937 Mercury Tug Tractor
1937, Serial No. 3759, age related Registration No. 415 YVH, Sold

No. 22 Ferguson TE. F20
1953, Sold

No. 23, French Austin
1928, Sold

No. 24, Ford 9 N with Ferguson System
1942, 24hp TVO, Not registered

No. 25, Singer Monarch
1953, Sold

No. 29, Oliver 80
1938, Sold

No. 31, John Deere Hi-Crop 60
Circa 1954, Sold

No. 32, John Deere BO Linderman Crawler
1938, Sold

No. 33, Case Model L
1938, Petrol, TVO, Sold

No.35, International Mogul 10-20
1918, Not registered, Sold

No. 36, Fordson Model F
1928-1932, Sold

No. 37, Allis Chalmers ED-40
1963, Sold

No. 38, Ferguson TE20 Petrol
1947, Serial No. TE20 5148, Registration No. DUX185

No. 39, Ferguson Model A
Serial No. 88 Petrol, Not registered

No 40, Massey Ferguson 825
Serial No. 88, Diesel, Not registered

No. 41, Aerolift Small Forklift Truck, model 15 PH
Registration no. RFJ999

No. 44, Ferguson TE. D20 with Reekie Conversion

No. 45, 1950 Bristol 20 Crawler
Petrol/TVO, Sold

No. 46, 1964 Nuffield 10-60

No. 47,  Ferguson FE35 Vineyard Model
TVO, Serial No, VNM281425, Registration No. 44 PYB, Sold

No. 48,  Massey Ferguson MF35X Vineyard Model
Serial No. VND 306832, Registration No. 523 PBW

No. 49, Ferguson FE35
1957, Serial No. SKF 52100, Registration No. XTA 464

No. 51 Ford Dexta Narrow Model
1959, Serial No. 957E 35258, Registration No. 346 YUY, Sold

No. 52, Ferguson FE45 Diesel Vineyard
1958, Serial VDF 74050, Registration No. SSR 121

No. 54, Massey Ferguson 65 MkII Industrial
Late 1964, Serial No. JAY614176, Registration No. HCJ 826D

No. 55, Caterpillar D2
1940, Sold

No. 56, Allis Chalmers D270
1955, Sold

No. 57, David Brown Cropmaster
1951, Registration MOD 198, Sold

No. 59, Lister Gold Star
Approximate year 1960, Sold

No. 60, International Titan 10-20
1918, Serial No. TV1940, Petrol/ TVO, Sold

No. 61, Ferguson TE.L20
1954, Serial No. 214969, Registration No. RYC 244

No. 62, Massey Ferguson 1020 Compact Tractor 4WD
Serial No. 4058, Registration No. B684 BFJ

No. 63, BMC Mini Tractor De Luxe Model
Serial No. 16D3097, Registration No. YTA 179E

No. 64, Ferguson TE. E20 Narrow Tractor
1951, Serial no. 172038

No. 65, Ferguson TE.T20 Diesel
1953, Serial No. 350692

No. 66, Ferguson FE.35
1957, Serial No. JDM 20515 (J=Industrial, D=Diesel, M=Dual Clutch)

No. 67, Ferguson TE20 with Perkins P3 Diesel conversion
1947, Serial No. 2632, Registration No. CFX 408

No. 68, Steyr

No. 69, Ford Super Dexta with Roadless Four Wheel Drive Conversion

No. 70, Standard Motor Company Prototype Tractor
Serial No. X671 or X672, Model Zero I

No. 71, Ford 8N 195 Petrol/TVO
1950, Not registered

No. 72, MF35 Experimental 32hp
1957, Not registered

No. 73, Massey Ferguson 135 Narrow
1968, Serial No. 96793

No. 74, Massey Ferguson 130
1965, Serial No. SNMY 372598, Registration No. EUE173C

No. 75, Massey Ferguson MF65 MkI
1959, Serial No. SNY51078, Registration No. 935 CTT

No. 76, Massey Ferguson MF165 4WD
1971, Serial No. 605226, Age related Registration No. VTT709J, Sold

No. 77, Massey Ferguson 35 Industrial
1963, Serial No. Not known

No. 78, Massey Ferguson 175
1967, Serial No. 718432, Present Registration No. YTA159E

No. 79, Massey Ferguson MF20 Industrial
1976, Serial No. 808252, Registration No. ODV 313P

No. 80, Massey Ferguson 130 Vineyard
1968, Model No. 130-8-VNMY Made in France, Serial No. 438807,
Registration No. NTF 516G

No. 81, Massey Ferguson MF35X with Multi Power
Serial No. SNM 174897, Registration No. WCT 176

No. 82, Ferguson TE.D20 4WD
1952, Serial No. TE-D20 243575, Registration No. NTT921

No. 83, Massey Ferguson MF135 with petrol engine
1965, Engine No. SF5210 EHD, Serial No, First registration J17537, now EDV150C

No. 84, Pre-production TEF20, Diesel
Commission No. EXP11

No. 85, Massey Ferguson MF135 4WD
1971, Serial No. 172880, Registration No. VOD 199J

No. 86, The Last Prototype Standard Motor Company Dumper Truck
1961, Commission No. X670, Registration No. WAC942H

No. 87, The Turner Ranger Four
1976, Serial No. 57, Registration No. 92 RN 69

No. 88, Massey Ferguson MF50 Shunting Tractor
Registration No. PDN 787P, Sold December 2010

No. 89, Lister Tug
1969 Registration No. RAD 919G

No. 90 Massey Ferguson MF35 petrol
1963, Serial No. SHM 33255, Registration No. ANU 729A

No. 91 Massey Ferguson MF35 Industrial Petrol
1964, Serial No. JGM 150451, Registration No. HSL 766

No. 91a Prototype Ferguson TE.D20 with Meadow Diesel engine
1950, Commission No. TE.D20 124639, Registration No. KDU 559

No. 92, BMC Mini Tractor Prototype
1962, Model TR MKI, Chassis No. TR503/1, Registration No. 495 EUE

No. 93, Ferguson TE.F20 with a Reekie Conversion
1956, Serial No. TE-F20481047, Registration No. OSR 834

No 94, Ferguson FE35, Pre-Production model
Serial No. FE003, Engine No. SJ3E, Registration No. LJ0 507W

The Crawley 75 Tractor
Not numbered in the collection

Tractors on loan from AGCO
Ferguson TEF20
Massey Harris Pony
Massey Ferguson MF35X
Massey Ferguson MF135
The Famous Nipper Pulling Tractor
The Last Prototype built at Banner Lane, Conventry
Field Test Tractor No. 1175 Registration No. Y267 TOD,


The Tractors in my Life

Well presented book, good quality


The Tractors in my Life - signed

excellent service friendly and no problem renewed tractor Heritage all paid with my card all within five minutes certainly reccomend


The Tractors in my Life

Well presented book, good quality


The Tractors in my Life - signed

excellent service friendly and no problem renewed tractor Heritage all paid with my card all within five minutes certainly reccomend