The Tractors in my Life

The Tractors in my Life

By Michael Thorne

ISBN 978-1-914929-04-5

152 pages, Hardback

270mm x 210mm

Over 180 illustrations


Mike Thorne, well known tractor collector and author of respected books on Ferguson and Massey Ferguson, tells the story of his life and the many tractors that have played a part in it.



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Mike Thorne is a name known to many, many tractor enthusiasts, and particularly those whose primary interest is in Ferguson and Massey Ferguson models, as Mike has assembled an almost unrivalled colleciion of the tractors of both marques. But before he decided to go down that route, he had been collecting tractors since the 1980s –  machines of many makes, models and vintages, some in good order, others wanting substantial work.

In his time he has acquired no less than 100 examples, and in this book he takes the reader through them all, with individual entries on every one – though he admits there are some that he has forgotten. So the reader will be treated to observations on a very wide range of tractors, large or small, rare or common, good or less good, with information on where he bought them, on problems, repair and restoration, and on the machines’ characteristics and specifications.    

Mike designed and constructed two fascinating buildings to house his collection at Coldridge in deepest mid-Devon and these form his museum, which can be visited by appointment and offers enthusiasts a real treat.

Telling one man’s story of half a lifetime of rescuing half-dead tractors and collecting live ones, this book, written in an informal style, should capture the attention of anyone who cares about vintage tractors.

With over 180 pictures in colour and black-and-white.


Introduction     6
The Autobiographical Bit    8
The Coldridge Collection    32
Biographies    145