A-Z European Coachbuilders, 1919-2000



By James Taylor

ISBN 978-1-90613378-8

Hardback, 240 pages

280mm x 210mm

Over 450 archive photos

From ACB of Paris (1934-91) to Zschau of Leipzig (1878-1939), by way of great names like Ghia, Erdmann & Rossi, Kellner, Pininfarina, Saoutchik and Zagato, this is an alphabetical reference guide to the major coachbuilders of western continental Europe details the history, activities and specialities of each coachbuilder, including the marques they bodied.

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Coachbuilding is a subject of deep interest to many aficionados and students of the motor car and its history, even though the golden age of individually coachbuilt bodies is now long in the past. In the 1920s and ’30s a substantial proportion of car manufacturers around Europe, large and small, relied on coachbuilders to design and produce the bodies on their chassis. When it came to the grand marques such as Hispano-Suiza or Isotta Fraschini, it was the customer, not the factory, who decided which coachbuilder he would select for the task, and he would spend time with the chosen firm’s designers in order to arrive jointly at a design and specification to suit his tastes and requirements. After the Second World War, this type of business was in steep decline, replaced by collaborations between car manufacturers and bodywork design and build companies to produce bodies in numbers, or in volume.

From ACB of Paris (1934-91) to Zschau of Leipzig (1878-1939), by way of great names like Ghia, Erdmann & Rossi, Kellner, Pininfarina, Saoutchik and Zagato, this is an alphabetical reference guide to the major coachbuilders of western continental Europe – Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

The A-Z entries provide details of the history, activities and specialities of each coachbuilder, including the marques they bodied, while the book’s broad time span encompasses both the great era of hand-crafted bodies and the more recent field of conversions and special bodywork. More than 450 illustrations are included, tracing the evolution of car body design though most of the twentieth century

Coachbuilders featured:

ABC-Exclusive (D)
1983-1993, Bonn

1934-c1991, Courbevoie, later Briare

Achard & Fontanel (F)
1907-late 1920s, Lyons

Aeat (F)

Aigner (F)
C1912-1927, Paris

Akkermans (NL)
1811 to present, Oud Gastel

Alin-Liautard (F)
c1910-c1930, Courbevoie

Allemano (I)
1928-1965, Turin

Allignol (F)
1918, Lyons
Alpine (F)
1954-1978, Dieppe

Ambi Budd (D)
1926-1945, Berlin

Anders (D)
1920s, Leipzig

Andreau (F)

Anhaltische Karosserie-Werke (D)
1923-1925, Leopoldshall

Ansaloni (I)
1940s onwards, probably Bologna

Ansart-Audineau (F)
1920-1922, Neuilly-sur-Seine

Ansart & Teisseire (F)
1922-late 1950s, Neuilly-sur-Seine

Antem (F)
1919-1997, Levallois, later Courbevoie

AR (F)
See Alteliers Réunis

Armbruster (A)
1858-1934, Alsergrund

Assmann (D)
1920-1939, Eisenach

Ateliers Réunis (F)
C1990, Ecquevilly

Aubertin (F)
Early 1900-c1925, Levallois-Perret

Audineau (F)
1924-1928, Neuilly-sur Seine

Auer (D)
1895-1949, Cannstatt

Austro-Tatra (A)
1948-1951, Simmering

Autenrieth (D)
1922-1964, Darmstadt

Autobineau (F)
1924-1973, Neuilly-sur-Seine

Ava-Flynn (F)
1989-1994, Ajaccio

Baehr (F)
1920s, Paris

Balbo (I)
1914-1954, Turin

Baldenweg (CH)
1920-1938, Geneva

Balzer (D)
1925-1957, Ludwigsburg

Bangille (F)

Barailhé (F)
1920s, Neuilly-sur-Seine and Courbevoie

Barbier (F)
1935, Cannes

Barbier, Tulié et Cie (F)
1920s, Paris

Bargin & Beckerich (F)
c1901-1920s, Neuilly-sur-Seine

Barou (F)
1940-1972, Tournon-sur Rhône

Baumann (CH)
1937-1950, Burgdorf

Baur (D)
1910-1998, Stuttgart

Baxter-Gallé (F)
Late 1920s, Paris

bb Auto (D)
1973-1986, Frankfurt-am-Main

Beer (D)
1920s, Zwickau

Belvallette (F)

Bérard (F)
1991 on

Bernath (CH)
1938-1946, La Chaux de Fonds

Bertin-Cholet (F)
1980s, Rugles

Bertone (I)
1912-2014, Turin

Besset (F)
1920-1940, Annonay

Beulter (CH)
1946-1987, Thun

Bierhake (D)
Late 1950s, Babenhausen

Billeter et Cartier (F)
1919-c1940, Lyons

Binder (F)
1902-1939, Paris

Binz (D)
1936-present, Lorch

Blaser (CH)
1927-1939, Burgdorf

Blaser & Burkhardt (CH)
See Blaser

Bloch & Fernandez (F)
c1928-1932, Paris

Boano (I)
1954-1957, Grugliasco

Böbel (D)
1950s, Laupheim

Boldt & Lieske (D)
1919-1928, Berlin

Boneschi (I)
1919-present, Milan

Boniolo Design (I)
1975-present, Padua

Boulogne (Arthur Boulogne) (F)
1920s, Levallois-Perret

Boulogne (Eugéne Boulogne) (F)
1900s-late 1920s, Levallois-Perret

Bouracq & de Costier (F)
1920s, Boulogne sur Seine

Bourgeois-Luchard (F)
1920s, Paris

Bourgois (F)
1920s, Levallois-Perret

Bouveret (F)
1930-1956, Andelot

Brandon (F)
1923-1963, Cannes

Brianza (I)
1932-c1939 Milan

Brichet (CH)
1920-1933 Geneva

Brissonneau & Lotz (F)
1950s, Creil

Broual (F)

Bruegge (D)
1920s?, Frankfurt-am-Main

Buchmann (D)
See bb

Buhne (D)
1919-1939, Berlin

Bunau-Varilla (F)
1925, Paris

Busson (F)
1928-1933, Nanterre

Candelaresi (F)
c1921-1935, Lyons

Capella (E)
1852-1959, Barcelona

Carde (F)
1900-1920s, Bordeaux

Carlsson (D)
1989-present, Gut Wiesenhof

Carrosserie de Boulogne (F)
1920s, Boulogne-sur-Seine

Carrosserie Française (F)

Carrosserie Générale Automobile (F)
c1920-c1934, Courbevoie

Carrosserie Industrielle (F)
c1930-1920s, Paris and Courbevole

Carrosserie Moderne (F)

Carrosserie Parisienne de Bordeaux (F)
1920s, Bordeaux

Carrosserie Profilée (F)
1920s, Courbevoie

Carrosserie Universelle (F)
Late 1920s, Neuilly-sur-Seine

Car Système Style (F)
1981-1989, Redon

Caruna (CH)
1964-2006 Dietikon

Castagna (I)
1849-1954 & 1994-present, Milan

Cesare Sala (I)
1887-1933, Milan

Chapelle & Jabouille (F)
C1930, Paris

Chappe & Gessalin (F)
C1950-1974, Saint-Maur-des-Fossés

Chapron (F)
1919-1985, Neuilly-sur-Seine; later Levallois

Charles (F) 1920s, Villeurbanne

Chatellard (F)
1920s, Toulouse

Chaussende (F)
1899-1920 Lyon

Chausson (F)
1907-2007, Asnières; later Courbevoie

Chavet (F)
1920s, Neuilly

Chesnot (F)
To early 1920s, Courbevoie

Chevalier (F)
1920s, Lille

Chiattone (CH)
c1914-c1930, Lugano

Clabot (F)
c1946-1950s, Alfortville

Clairalpax (F)

Clauzet (F)
C1959-1960s, Bretagne-de-Marsan

Cloché (F)
1920s, Neuilly

Coenen (NL)
1940s-1970s?, The Hague and Utrecht

Coggiola (I)
1966-present, Turin

Cognat & Piot (F)
1912-1921, Lyons

Colli (I)
1931-1973, Milan

Contamin (F)
Late 1940s

Coune (B)
1962-1970, Brussels

Crouzier (F)
C1925-1936, Moulins

Currus (F)
1902-1975, Paris

D3 (F)
1986-present, Paris

Dannenhauer & Stauss (D)
1950-1957, Stuttgart

David (F)
C1900-1930s, Paris

Davy (F)
C1930-c1931, Puteaux

De Costier Frères (F)
Late 1920s, Boulogne sur Seine

Deissner (D)
1920-1929, Köthen

Delcourt (F)
1930, Vertus

Dens (B)

Denzel (A)
1948-1959, Vienna

Derouault et Jongen (F)
c1920-1930-s, Neuilly-sur-Seine

Design Performance (F)
1987 and later, Yvelines

Deslandes (F)
1980s Villeneuve-sur-Allier

Deutsch (D)
1916-1971, Cologne

Deutsche Industrie-Werke (D)
1920-1928, Berlin

De Villars (F)
1925-1945, Courbevoie

DeWolf (B)
1920s, Brussels

D’leteren (B)
1897-c1935 Brussels

Dietrich (CH)
1914-c1930, Basle

Dietzsh (D)
1930s, Glauchau

Ditting (CH)
1928-1979, Zürich

Dörr & Schreck (D)
1919-1939, Frankfurt am Main

Drauz (D)
1900-1965, Heilbronn

Drews (D)
1945-2001, Wuppertal

Driesen& Oblin (B)

Driguet (F)
Early 1900s-1936, Paris

Drögmuller (D)
1920-1931, Heilbronn

Drouet & Gaucher (F)
1920s, Courbevoie

Dubos (F)
c1925-c1950, Neuilly-sur-Seine; later Puteaux

Dubost & Perret (F)
Later 1920s, Lyons

Duchatelet (B)
1968 to present, Liège

Duchemin (F)
1920s and 1930s

Dumas (F)
1920s and 1930s, Bordeaux

Dupont (F

Duquesne (F)
1920s, Tourcoing

Duriez (F)
1945-1951, Paris

Durisotti (F)
1956-present, Sallaumines

Duval (F)
1920s-1949, Boulogne-sur-Seine

Duvivier (F)
Active 1920s-1930s, Levallois-Perret

1981-1994, Tervuren

Eckert (CH)
1918-1947, Zürich

Eggli Frères (CH)
1918-1947, Lausanne; later Vevey

Egli (CH)
1902-1932, Basle

Eichelbaum (D)
c1922-1925, Berlin

Elgé (F)
1920s, Bordeaux

Ellena (I)
1957-1966, Turin

Emmel (B)
1924-1926, Brussels

Engelhard (D)
See Vereinigte Werkstätten für Karosserie-und Wagenbau

Enzmann (CH)
1957-1968, Schüpfheim

Erdmann & Rossi (D)
1906-1949, Berlin

Esclassan (F)
Late 1920s to early 1950s, Boulogne-sur-Seine

Etablissements Lyonnais (F)
1906-c1920, Lyons

Euler (D)
c1980-c1983, Frankfurt

Eurostyle (I)
1968-1970, Turin

Facel Metallon (F)
1945-1964, Paris

Faget-Varnet (F)
1945-1953, Levallois-Perret

Falco (I)
To 1926, Milan

Fantuzzi (I)
1957-present, Modena

Farina (I)
1919-1953, Turin

Faurax/Faurax & Chaussende (F)
1903-1963, Lyons (Monplaisir from 1920)

Faust-Design (D)
1986, Cologne

Fehler (CH)
c1925-1928, Berne

Felber & Fils/Felber Frères (F)
1835-c1931, Paris; later Puteaux

Fernandez/Fernandez & Darrin (F)
1932-1937, Paris and Boulogne-sur-Seine

Figoni/Figoni & Falaschi (F)
1923-1955, Boulogne sur-Seine

Fiol (E)
Barcelona 1910s to 1930s

Fioravanti (I)
1987-present, Moncalieri, near Turin

Fissore (I)
1920-1984, Savigliano

Fleury (F)
1920s, Thonon-les Bains

Fontana (I)
1950s, Padua

Franay (F)
1903-1956, Levallois-Perret

Franco Belge (B)
1940s-1950s, Ghent

Frech-Hoch (CH)
c1919-c1935, Sissach

Freidenberg & Vernède (F)
Late 1940s, Montélimar

Frey (CH)
1920s, Zürich

Friederichs (D)
c1905-1939, Frankfurt

Frua (I)
1944-1983, Turin

FTI Design (F)
1950 on, Enghien-les-Bains

Gaborit (F)
1923-c1925, Paris and Levallois-Perret

Gaertner (D)
1912-1927, Bremen

Gallé (F)
1909-c1930, Boulogne-sur-Seine

Gangloff (CH)
1903-1936, Geneva, then Berne (from 1928)

Gangloff (F)
1930-present, Colmar

Garnier (F)
C1900-c1929, Paris

Gastell (D)
1920s, Mainz

Gauthier (F)
1911-1919, Lyon-Villeurbanne and Beaulieu-Audincourt

Gazelle (D)

GCS Bennemann (D)
1980s, Herzogenrath

Geissberger (CH)
1903-c1927, Zürich

Gemballa (D)
1981 to present, Leonberg

Germain & Chapiron (F)
1920s, Lyons

Gété (F)
1960s, Méteren


Ghia (I)
1915-1970, Turin

Ghia-Aigle (CH)
1948-1988, Aigle, and Lugano (1954-1958)

Gienapp (D)

Gillotte (F)
1896-1929, Levallois (Courbevoie from 1920)

Gindine (F)

Girard (F)
Early 1900s-c1931, Paris
2, Rue des Éclusses Saint-Martin, Paris 10

Giron (F)

Gläser (D)
1864-1952, Dresden

Glüer (D)

Goosens & Mercken (F)
1920s, Puteaux

Graber (CH)
1925-1970, Wichtrach

Gramond (F)
1900-c1950, Bordeaux

Grange & Martel/Grange Frères (F)
1920s, Valence-sur Rhône

Groulard (F)

Gruau (F)
1980s-1990s, Laval

Grümmer (Etablissments Grümmer) (F)
c1914-1930s, Paris

Grümmer (Gaston Grümmer) (F)
1924-1935, Clichy

Guérin (F)
1920s, Limoges

Guettault (F)
1920s, Neuilly-sur-Seine

Guilloré (F)
1937-1954, Courbevoie

Gygax (CH)
1896-1936, Biel

Gyselinck (B)
1930s, Anderlecht

Hägele (D)
1940s-1950s?, Mössingen

Haizer & Herrmann (CH)
1926-1929, Zurich

Hamet (F)

Hammond & Thiede (D)
1980s, Würzburg

Hänni (CH)
1920s-1930s, Zürich

Habsburg (D)
1930s, Berlin

Hartmann (CH)
1929-1939, Lausanne

Hauser (CH)
1955, Zofingen

Herber (CH)
1890-c1930, Geneva

Hebmüller (D)
1889-1952, Wülfrath

Heidemann (D)
1950s, Munich

Heimburger (CH)
1904-c1930, Basle

Hermés (F)
Since 1929, Paris

Hess (CH)
1882-present, Bellach

Heuliez (F)
1920-2009, Cerizay

Hibbard & Darrin (F)
1923-1931, Paris

Hofkens (B)
1926-1927, Antwerp

Höhener/Höhener’s Erben (CH)
1920-1935, St Gallen

Holvoët (F)
1930s, Lille and Roubaix

Hornig (D)
1906-1945, Meerane

Huber & Brühwiler (CH)
1930-1941, Lucerne

Since 1978, Turin

Ihle (D)
1930-1941, Bruchsal

Malines, 1965-1973

Italdesign (I)
1968 to present, Moncalieri

Italsuisse (CH)
1959-1967, Geneva

Jackey (F)

Jacobi (D)
1920s, Hanover

Jacobsen & Steinberg (D)
1956, Berlin

Jähnig (D)
1891-1945, Lommatzsch

Janer (F)
1930s, Paris

Janet (F)
1930s, Paris

Janoir (F)
1925-late 1930s, Saint-Ouen

Janssen (F)
Early 19000s-c1937, Paris; later Levallois-Perret

Joly (F)
1905-1930s, Paris; later Clichy

Jonchkeere (B)
1902-c1932, Roeselare

Jousse & Parsy (F)
1900s-1920s, Montargis

Karmann (D)
Since 1901, Osnabrück

Kässbohrer (D)
1920s, Ulm

Kastenhofer (A)
1940s, Wien-Margareten

Kathe (D)
1833-1948, Halle

Keibl (A)
1930s-1940s, Vienna-Landstrasse

Keinath (D)
1980s, Reutlingen

Kellner (F)
1894-1940, Boulogne-Billancourt; later Paris

Kellner (D)
1910-1935, Berlin

Kelsch (F)
1893-1936, Levallois-Perret

Klein (D)
Dates not known, Altona

Kleye (D)
1920s? Altenburg

Kölz (CH)
1920s, Basle

Köng (CH)
1935-1999, Basle

Königstadt (D)
1922-1925, Berlin

Kraemer (F)
1940s, Boulogne-sur-Seine

Kruck (D)
1838-1930, Frankfurt-am-Main and Wiesbaden

Kühlstein (D)
1833-1926, Berlin

Kühn (D)
1920s-1945, Halle

Kunz (CH)
1924-1934, Wauwil

Labourdette (F)
1858-1952, Paris; later Courbevoie

Labourdette (2) (F)
Late 1920s, Puteaux

Lacanu (F)

Lacroix (F)

Lagache Glaszmann (F)
1920s, Montrouge

Langenthal (CH)
Since 1929, Zürich

Langutt (F)
1920s, Besançon

Lavocat et Maraud (F)
1920s, Boulogne-Billancourt

Le Bastard (F)
1940s and 1950s, Rouen

Lebranchu (F)
Since 1923, Courbevoie

Lecanu-Deschamps (F)
1930s and 1940s, Levallois-Perret

Lecoq (F)
From 1963, Bezons        

Lehmann & Lindenheim (D)
1920s, Belin

Lemoine (F)
c1930, Levallois

Lepoix (F)
See FTI Design

Leroy (F)
1920s and earlier, Courbevoie

L’Etoile (B)
1985-1992, Oudenberg

Letourneur et Marchand (F)
1905-1959, Neuilly-sur-Seine

Lindner (D)
1908-1928, Ammendorf

Lombardi (I)
1947-1973, Vercelli

Lond & Weigold (D)
1920s, Berlin

Lorenz & Rankl (D)
1980s, Wolfratshausen

Lourdel (F)
1920s, Saint-Omer

Ludewig (D)
1930s, Saint-Omer

Ludwig (CH)
1940s, Zollikon

Lueg (D)
Bochum, 1868-1954

Macquet Galvier (F)
1920s, Courbevoie

Maggoira (I)
1925-2003, Moncalieri

Maleval & Vacher (F)
1818-1930, Paris

Mamy (F)
1920s, Besançon

Manessius (F)
1919-1934, Puteaux; Levallois-Perret from 1922

Marazzi (I)
Since 1967, Milan

Marbeuf (F)
Late 1920s

Maron-Pot, Oeters & Cie (F)
1920s, Levallois-Perret

Maraud (F)
1930s, Boulogne-Billancourt

Matthys (B)
1920-1928, Etterbeek

1927, Paris

Merville & Garnier (F)
Early 1900s-c1930, Levallois-Perret; later Paris

Mesnier & Laforge (F)
1920s Courbevoie

Meulemeester (F)
c1927-1930s, Clichy-sur-Seine; from 1936 St Affrique

Mialle (F)

Michel (F)
Late 1940s. Nice

Michelotti (I)
1955-1980, Turin

Miesen (D)
1870 to present, Bonn

Mignot & Billebault (F)
1930s-1950s, Boulogne-Billancourt

Million-Guiet (F)
1854-1930s, Levallois-Perret; later Argenteuil

Molier & Muller (NL)
1920s, s’ Gravenhage; later The Hague

Monjardet (F)
Early1900s-1920s Besaçon

Montpellier Automobile (F)
1920s-1930s, Montpellier

Moratille (F)
Early 1900s-1920s, Levallois-Perret

Moret (CH)
1918-c1950, Geneva

Morelli (I)
1950s-1960s, Ferrara

Moretti (I)
Turin, 1926-1989

Morlet (F)
1920s, Courbevoie

Motto (I)
1932-1965, Turin

Mouche (F)
1913-1925, Lyons

Mühlbacher (F)
1780-c1930, Paris; from 1922, Puteaux

Muling (F)

Müller (NL)
1920s-1930s, Rotterdam

Musigk & Haas (D)
1930s, Berlin

Nederlandsche Carrosseriefabrieken (NL)
1920s, Voorschoten

Née (F)
1912-1987, Levalois-Perret

Nembo (I)
See Neri & Bonacini

Neri & Bonacini (I)
1960-1967, Modena

Neuer & Thieme (D)
1925-1928, Ulm

Neuss (D)
1857-1933, Berlin-Halensee

Nieuport (F)
1924, Issy-les-Moulineaux

Nieveler (D)
1980s, Hamburg

Nowack (D)
1863-1949, Bautzen

Oblin (B)
1950-1955, Brussels

Oertig (CH)
1912-1929, Geneva

1960-1968, Turin

Ottin (F)
1863-1933, Lyons

Papler (D)
1868-1955, Cologne

Paquette (F)

Passerat & Radiguet (F)
1920s, Paris

Pavesi (I)
1919-present, Milan

Pennock (NL)
1900-1953, The Hague

Pezous (F)
1950s, Albi

Phlups (B)
1949-1950, Lxelles

Pichon-Parat (F)
1947-1983, Sens

Pingret & Bretau (F)
1914-1927, Puteaux

Pininfarina (I)
1930-present, Turin

Piot & Barbary (F)
1921-1923, Lyons

Plasswilm (D)
1940s and 1950s, Cologne

Plüss (CH)
1950s? Bern

Poberejsky (F)
1949, Paris

Pollmann (D)
1926 to present, Bremen

Pourtout (F)
1925-1939; Bougival, later Rueil-Malmaison

Pozzi (CH)
1920s, Lausanne

Pralavorio (F)
1923-c1930, Lyons

Pritchard & Demonlin (B)
1920s-1930s, Liège

Privat (F)
Dijon, 1920s

Proux (F)
1920s-c1930, Courbevoie

Pruneville (F)
1920s, Lyons

Ramseier (CH)
See the entry for Worblaufen

Rappold (D)
1948 to date, Wülfrath

Ravistre & Martel (F)
1923-1940, Annonay

Rayton Fissore (I)
1976-c2003, Chevasco

Reinbolt & Christé (CH)
1900-1959, Basle

Renard (F)
Puteaux, late 1930s

Renard & Bec (F)

Repusseau & Cie (F)
1907-c1930, Levallois-Perret

Reutter (D)
1906-1963, Stuggart

Rhéda (F)
Early 1900s-mid-1920s, Levallois-Perret and later, Ivry

Rheims & Auscher (F)
See Rothschild

Riegel-Bérioux (F)
1920s, Clermont-Ferrand

Rieaucros (F)
Late 1920s or early 1930s, Cognac

Rochat (CH)
1930s, Morges

Rometsch (D)
1924-2000, Berlin

Ronny (B)
Ronny Coach Building Company was a trading name of L’Etoile (qv)

Roos (NL)
1927-1955, The Hague

Rosenberger (CH)
1920s, Biel

Rothschild (Rheims & Auscher successors) (F)
1894-1930, Levallois-Perret

Rousset (F)
1920-c1931, Lyons

Roze (F)
1920s, Neuilly-sur-Seine

Rozier (F)
Lyons, 1930-1960s

Ruckstuhl (CH)
C1925-1938, Lucerne

Rudy (D)
1945-1976, Delmenhorst

Rungette (F)
c1910-1930, Levallois-Perret

Rupflin (D)
1909-1969, Munich

Saliot (F)
1920s-1930s, Levallois-Perret

Santschi (CH)
C1924-1928, Berne

Sanwald (CH)
C1910-c1927, St Gallen

Saoutchik (F)
1906-1955, Paris

Savary (F)
C1912-c1955, Paris, later Aubervillers

Savio (I)
1919-present, Turin and Moncalieri

Sbarro (F)
1968-present, Yverdon, later Pontarlier,
Later Montbéliard

Scaglietti (I)
1951-1977, Maranello

Scar (D)
1980s, Hamburg (?)

Schebera (D)
1911-1926, Berlin

Scheilwiller (CH)
1930s, Zurich

Schlechte (D)
1920s, Altona

Schulz-Tuning (D)
1968 to present, Leonberg, later Hildesheim

Schutter & Van Bakel (NL)
1829-1954, Amsterdam

Schweizerische Wagonfabrik (CH)
1920s, Schlieren

1920’S, Paris

SECA-CD (later SERA-CD) (F)
1962-2007, Fresnes

Sécheron (CH)
1936-1963, Geneva

Seitz (CH)
c1905-c1930, Emmishofen

Serra (E)
1951-1970s, Barcelona

Sibona-Basano (I)
1960s, Turin

Sical (F)
1930’s Levallois-Perret

1928-1930, Neuhausen

Snutsel (B)
1913-1930, Brussels

SPC, later SPCA (F)
c1913-early 1930s, Paris; later Gennevilliers

Spinnewyn (F)
1920s-1930s, Tourcoing

Splendilux (F)
See Esclassan

Spohn (D)
1920-1957, Ravensburg

Sports Cars (I)
1961-1973, Modena

Sprengers (B)
1914-1930, Antwerp

Steinmann (CH)
1950s, Buchs

Stirling Design (F)
1976-1980s, Couéron

Stola (I)
C1990-present, Turin

Stolle (D)
1928-present, Hanover

Styling-Garage (D)
1979-1986, Pinneberg, later Schenefeld

Surirey (F)
1950s, Fers

Szawe (D)
1919-1924, Berlin

Taromo (F)

Taubes (F)
1920s, Paris

Thiétart (F)
1925-1930, La Garenne Colombe

Tissier (F)
1970s-1990s, Villeneuve-le-Roi

Tizot et Viguier (F)
1920s, Marseilles

Touring (I)
1926-1967 & 2008-present, Milan
Trasco (D)
Early 1980s, Bremen

Tropic (D)
1981-1983, Crailsheim

Late1940s-early 1950s

Tunesa (F)
Early 1950s, Vienne

Tüscher (CH)
1909-present, Zurich

Valéry (F)
Early 1900s to late 1920s, Neuilly-sur- Seine

Van den Plas (B)
1870-1935, Brussels, later Antwerp

Van Leersum (NL)
1919-1951, Hilversum

Van Rijswijk (NL)
1903-1950, The Hague

W.J. van Trigt & Zoon (NL)
1927-1934, Scheveningen

Vanvooren (F)
1910-1950, Courbevoie

Varesina (I)
1930s, Varese

Verheul (NL)
1900-1970, Waddinxveen

Vereinigte Werkstätten für Karosserie-und Wagenbau (D)
1911-1950, Munich

Verplancke (F)

Vesters & Neirinck (B)
1923-1956, Brussels

Veth (NL)
1840-present, Arnhem

Vetter (D)
1922-1945, Cannstatt; later Fellbach

Veuillet (F)
1920s, Fleurieu-sur-Sâone

Vignale (I)
1948-1969, Turin

Viguier (F)
1950s, Levallois-Perret

Ville et Sport (F)
1926, Puteaux

Viotti (I)
1921-1964, Turin

Visse & Haf (F)
1920s, Levallois-Perret

Vogt (D)
1960s, Bad Neuenahr

Vogt & Demeuse (B)
1900-1930, Liège

Voll & Ruhrbeck (D)
1920-1945, Berlin & Essen

Walch (B)
1921-1925, Liège

Wandrès (F)
1920s, Belfort

Weinberger (1) (D)
1908-1927, Munich

Weinberger (2) (D)
1898-1953, Munich

Weinsberg (D)
1912-present, Weinsberg, near Heilbronn

Wendler (D)
1840-2000, Reutlingen
Wenger (CH)
1919-present, Basle

Westfalia (D)
1950s, Wiedenbrück

Weymann (F)
1922-1930, Levallois-Perret

Winter (D)
1920s-1930s, Zittau

Worblaufen (CH)
1929-1958, Worblaufen

Zagato (I)
1919-present, Milan

Zander (D)
1883-1929, Döbeln

Zanolo (CH)
c1930, Lausanne

Zietz (CH)
1930s, Geneva

Zimmerli (CH)
1940s, Reiden

Zschau (D)
1878-1939, Leipzig