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Motoring Books for Classic Car Owners and Enthusiasts

Are you looking for classic motoring books online in the UK? Then look no further! At Herridge & Sons, we take pride in offering an unparalleled range of high-quality and informative motoring books and originality guides, ideal for any classic car restoration project or motoring enthusiast. They also make great gifts for automotive fanatics, particularly our exclusive signed copies.

Motorsports, Motorcycles, Military Vehicles and More

Whether you’re looking for collector’s books on classic cars, motorcycles, military vehicles or tractors, we have the perfect motor book or originality guide for you. In addition, our book are the ideal tool to guide you through any classic motor restoration! Plus, with regular new additions to our online collection, you won’t find a better selection of collector's books for car enthusiasts.

Over 100 Motoring Titles

Founded in 1999, we are passionate about producing the very best high-quality motoring books in the country. Having published over 100 titles, we’re still as dedicated as ever to bringing our customers the very best in motoring titles.

The Must-Have Collector’s Editions

Our aim is to create the must-have motoring book on each subject. Whether you’re looking for an originality guide on classic Land Rovers, an encyclopaedia of Ford Escorts, a catalogue of vintage Austin Sevens, or a register of classic racing Jaguars, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect motoring book for your needs in our unmatched online collection.


If you have any questions about our range of classic motoring books, please don’t hesitate to get in touch either online or on 01409 281990 – we are here to help and love to chat with fellow enthusiasts!