Original MGA



By Anders Ditlev Clausager

ISBN 978-1-906133-17-7

Hardback, 112 pages

295 x 225mm

200 colour photographs

"Essential reading for anyone concerned with originality" Popular Classics

Few classic British sports cars are quite so practical to own today as the MGAs built from 1955 to 1962. Strong mechanicals and solid construction mean that they tend to survive well, while excellent handling and reasonable performance make them very useable by modern standards. And every MGA, from early 1500 to late 1600 Mark II, roadster or coupé, has a shape of timeless beauty. No wonder MGAs seem to grow in popularity as the years go by.

Original MGA is the essential companion to these cars. Its aim is to reveal, in words and colour pictures, how all MGAs – including the rare Twin Cam and De Luxe models – altered in detail through the course of production. Although one MGA may look much like another to the untrained eye, an amazing number of specification changes, major and minor, occurred over the years. No stone has been left unturned during the exhaustive research which has gone into this book.

The completely original specification which the most discerning enthusiasts demand can be difficult to determine, to the extent that few restored cars are truly authentic in every detail. But help is at hand for all owners, restorers and enthusiasts in Original MGA. Drawing from factory records, parts lists and catalogues, as well as the accumulated knowledge of respected restorers and dedicated enthusiasts, this book provides the most comprehensive survey of the MGA ever published

Accompanying the authoritative text are nearly 200 specially commissioned colour photographs showing every permutation of MGA specification in remarkable detail. Painstakingly selected cars, such as a cherished one-owner-from-new Twin Cam with just 9000 miles on the clock, ensure that this book's illustrations present a unique portfolio of outstanding specimens of each MGA model.

The definitive guide to one of Britain's best-loved sports cars, Original MGA is indispensable for all owners, restorers, buyers and enthusiasts.

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