The Complete Catalogue of the Austin Seven

The Complete Catalogue of the Austin Seven

by James Taylor

ISBN 978-1-914929-07-6

Hardback, 144 pages

270 x 210mm

Over 250 illustrations


• Informative descriptions of every Austin Seven variant
• Includes production cars, prototypes, racers, record breakers, military models, overseas versions and coachbuilt variants
• Over 250 illustrations in colour and black and white


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The Austin Seven was a hugely important arrival on the British motoring scene in 1922, its low price making car ownership available to a section of the public for whom this had earlier been a cost too far. It was cheap to run thanks to its small engine, and its simplicity did not frighten those new to the mechanics of a car. The Seven heralded the demise of the cheap but flimsy cyclecar, and in the longer term it also attracted buyers away from the motorcycle-and-sidecar combinations that had been the only way into motorised transport for those of limited means.

   A century after the Seven’s introduction, the cars have a world-wide following. Part of the attraction is much the same as it always was – simplicity of maintenance and the low cost of ownership. Yet the sheer variety of Sevens produced between 1922 and 1939 as Austin gradually developed the model is also a source of fascination – and of some bewilderment and confusion.

   This book aims to give easy access to the key features of each variant of Austin Seven. It follows the vehicle’s evolution from its 1922 origins to 1939 when the last Seven was built.

   Yet the book goes far beyond that, giving details of models built outside Britain, coachbuilt cars, military variants and factory competition and record-breaking cars.


Introduction    4
Overview    6
The Early Models, 1922-1926    16
Major Expansion, 1926-1931    26
The Long Wheelbase Models, 1931-1934    48
The Final Five Years, 1934-1939    58
Military Sevens    68
Gordon England, Mulliner & Swallow    76
Special bodies    92
Works Speed & Competition Cars    114
Overseas Manufacture 124